Meet the Founder: Mayte Allende Heres



Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Mayte pursued her education in Journalism at the

University of Puerto Rico and further honed her expertise in Fashion Buying and

Merchandising at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

During her senior internship at Vogue Magazine, Mayte's passion for the fashion

industry flourished, leading her to secure a position in the esteemed fashion

department of W MAGAZINE. Working under the guidance of distinguished editors

Bridget Foley and Patrick McCarthy, she gained invaluable experience in the fashion

and accessories realm, learning from globally renowned stylists and editors such as Alex

White, Joe Zee, Karl Templer, and Camilla Nickerson.

Subsequently, Mayte made history as the first Latin editor and Fashion Director of

WWD, widely recognized as the "Bible of Fashion." In this influential role, she oversaw

the Milan, London, and Paris markets, traversing the globe to review and curate the

world's most significant collections. Her editorial contributions to the iconic

COLLECTIONS MAGAZINE have cemented its status as a coveted collectible

within fashion’s top circles.

Drawing upon her wealth of experience collaborating with notable fashion

photographers and catering to discerning clientele, including prominent celebrities and

high net worth individuals, Mayte's expertise remains in high demand to this day.

With the launch of her own venture, MATTHÉ, Mayte aspires to bring her distinct

vision to her native Puerto Rico, where she has steadily cultivated a devoted following

through exclusive trunk shows and personalized styling initiatives over the past year.

"There is an undeniable energy and vibrancy in San Juan right nowa thrilling moment

for Puerto Rico with flourishing tourism, a burgeoning art scene, and a dynamic

culinary landscape. I am captivated by the island's social circuit, where women truly

express themselves through fashion. I eagerly anticipate offering them a fresh